The publication request will be preliminarily examined by the Direction committee which, within 30 days of receiving the request, will evaluate the scientific nature of the contribution as well as its consistency with the editorial line of the journal. The result of this evaluation will be sent to the proposer by e-mail.

If the Direction committee evaluates the publication request positively, it will start the double-blind referee procedure, entrusting the contribution to two anonymous referees and experts in the subject matter, and who are also external to the Direction committee, the Scientific Committee and the Editorial Staff. Therefore, the procedure intends to ensure the absolute transparency and correctness of the evaluation of contributions, ensuring the absolute autonomy of the areferees and the absence of conflicts of interest.

At the outcome of the refereeing procedure, if two negative judgments are received, the publication request must be rejected. In case of one positive and one negative judgment, the Direction committee will decide whether the contribution will be publishable or not. If the judgments are to be conditioned by changes or additions to the contribution, the proposer must promptly proceed with the indicated interventions, the adequacy of which will be evaluated by the Direction committee then.

Submitting the publication request, the author accepts the editorial criteria of the Journal, as well as its own policies.